Your Questions Answered

What services does Initech provide?

We provide consulting, recruiting, and staffing services in the fields of Information Technology, Engineering, and Manufacturing.

How long has Initech been in business?

Fifteen wonderful years! Initech was founded in 2001 in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and expanded to Hyderabad, India in 2010.

In what locations does Initech provide services?

We provide consulting, recruiting, and staffing services nationwide throughout the United States, and in various locations throughout Europe, India, and Korea.

Are Initech consultants employees or contractors?

70% of our consultants are full-time employees of Initech, making Initech talent among the best in the industry. We also use selectively-screened independent contractors and sub-contractors to help fulfill our clients’ business needs.

Does Initech require consultants to submit to drug tests and background checks?

Yes. All Initech consultants must submit to, and clear, drug tests and background checks prior to the start of an assignment. Our consultants also submit to additional security clearance based on our clients’ requirements.

Does Initech require consultants to sign confidentiality agreements?

Yes. All of our consultants AND employees are required to sign client confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements.

What is the typical lead-time for an Initech consultant to start a client assignment?

Typically, our consultants are able to start working two weeks following confirmation of the assignment. However, if we have to transfer the consultant’s work visa, it usually takes 3-4 weeks before they can begin the assignment.

Does Initech sponsor work visas?

Yes. First, we aim to identify the right talent within our current resource pool. If we’re unable to identify the talent we need, we sponsor or transfer work visas for other qualified individuals. The main goal is always to get the right talent secured for the client.

What happens if a consultant is not meeting the expectations of the client?

We offer a two-week guarantee on our consultants from their start date. Most of our consultants regularly exceed our clients’ expectations, and this guarantee is rarely used! However, on the rare occasion the consultant does not meet the clients’ expectations within the first two weeks, we will not charge for the consultant’s time already spent on the assignment, AND will replace the consultant at zero-cost to the client for the first week.