About Us

Put quite simply, Initech Global is a different type of staffing company – unlike any other on-demand workforce provider. Other companies like ours focus on their clients, and their clients only. At Initech Global, we focus equally on our employees. We understand that they are invaluable to our collective success – and yours. So, we treat them accordingly.

Our model is different, and is one that matters in meaningful ways.

First, it means we earn their commitment. The majority of staff members that we deploy to our clients’ projects are full-time employees, not temps. We employ nearly 70 percent of them, and give them excellent benefits.

We support their interests, their families’ health, their retirement and financial futures, and the communities where they live. All of this – and more – means they equally commit to Initech Global. Unlike the individuals at a traditional staffing company, they are not out there, looking around for the next best or more permanent opportunity. They already have it. Our 90 percent year-over-year retention rate is a direct result of our relationship with them.

That allows them to become a true, lasting, and positive partner to our clients, and an extension of, and reflection of, your team’s capabilities.

Second, it means that you can operate efficiently and effectively, while we do the hard work of building a deeply engaged resource bench for our clients – one that is loyal, trained on the latest technologies, and inspired to come to work every day.

At Initech Global, we measure success by the retention of our talent and by the referrals they give us for others who would like to work here. Not by the number of placements. If you let us attend to your technology, engineering, and manufacturing human resource needs, we’ll prove why that makes a difference.