Orchestrate Speed

An ecosystem of advanced technology can accelerate your pace—but all the components must fit your unique culture. DevOps isn’t just about tools; it’s about people and process. That’s why we take a hands-on approach to evolving your organization and talent alongside your technology. Together, we’ll build a world-class infrastructure that runs at the speed of ambition.

Your customers want more—and better—features. An automated software development pipeline will help you deliver them faster, but DevOps is key to building smarter. True DevOps is nothing less than full-scale culture transformation, uniting and empowering your development

and infrastructure teams to deploy code at high speed. It shifts testing, provisioning, and risk and compliance earlier in the development cycle, optimizing security and performance from the start. We’re true DevOps practitioners, ready to work side by side with you to transform your organization, culture and skills. We’ll help you break down barriers and build full-stack capabilities to compete in an agile world.

Principals for Working Smarter —

Imbibe the Sense-Think-Respond-Learn (STRL) system to convert data to actionable intelligence.

Leverage data engineering innovation for semantic architecture, knowledge graphs, and deep neural networks to transform your business.

Utilize data consumption approaches to bring data science to life through workflow integration of analytics, visualization of information, and integrated processes for decision-making.

Cloud Migration

Strategic and customized migration solutions.

Data Science and Machine Learning

Utilize our big data expertise to solve unique problems.

Modern Fullstack Development

Creating full stack, technology-agnostic, end-to-end solutions to encompass your needs.

Integration and API Management

20+ years of integration and API expertise.

AS/400 and Legacy Solutions

Unparalleled expertise and quality in iSeries AS/400 and Synon solutions.


Focuses on seven key elements in product management and lifecycle to produce the best outcomes.

Our Skillsets

Application Development

Java | JavaScript | TypeScript | C | C++ | C# .NET | PHP | Python | Scala | NodeJS | React Angular | HTML | CSS


AWS Aurora | AWS RDS | DynamoDB   MongoDB | MS SQL Server | MySQL | Oracle PostgreSQL | Elastic Search | Firebase

Tools and Frameworks

Spring Boot | GraphQL | Spark | Tableau | Power BI | Git | WebPack | Selenium | Jest  Cucumber | Bootstrap | Heap Analytics Tealium | Qualtrics | Optimizely

Monitoring / Logging

Dynatrace | Data Dog  | Grafana  | Kibana Prometheus |  Splunk

Operating Systems

AWS EC2 | AS400 | Docker | Linux | VMWare Windows

Container Orchestration

AWS EKS | AWS Fargate | Azure Container Instances | AKS | Docker Swarm | Kubernetes On Prem 


HTTP/HTTPS | REST | SAML | SOAP | TCP/IP AWS Lambda | Azure Functions | Google Cloud Functions

API Gateway

WSO2 | Mashery | AWS API Gateway | Azure API Management


Terraform | AWS CDK | AWS CodeBuild | AWS CodePipeline | Azure Pipelines | AWS CloudFormation | Bamboo

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