Efficiency and Success

Initech has embraced the DevOps culture for efficiency and successful outcomes. We get work done by forming small, multidisciplinary teams who work autonomously and take collective accountability for customer experience. Our DevOps teams apply agile practices and include operations in the team responsibility.

Our practice of DevOps culture focuses on seven key elements in product management and lifecycle to produce the best outcomes:

Version Control

Continuous Integration and Deployment

Automated Acceptance Testing

Peer Review of Changes

High-Trust Culture

Automated and Proactive Monitoring

Team Relationship Between Dev and Ops for success

Your customers want more—and better—features. An automated software development pipeline will help you deliver them faster, but DevOps is key to building smarter. True DevOps is nothing less than full-scale culture transformation, uniting and empowering your development and infrastructure teams to deploy code at high speed. It shifts testing, provisioning, and risk and compliance earlier in the development cycle, optimizing security and performance from the start. We’re true DevOps practitioners, ready to work side by side with you to transform your organization, culture and skills. We’ll help you break down barriers and build full-stack capabilities to compete in an agile world.

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