Modern Fullstack Development

Development teams must be technically savvy to efficiently solve the business problems of today, while providing solutions to the enterprise level challenges of tomorrow. Our full stack approach utilizes modern automation techniques, providing a more simplistic view of the world’s most complex problems.

Our application developers leverage their knowledge and generalist mindset, creating full stack, technology-agnostic, end-to-end solutions which wholly encompass our clients’ needs. Robust, scalable, and secure back-end systems are paired with intuitive front-end experiences—all guided by the attention to detail and insight of our experts. Businesses require cost-effective solutions from experts thinking on the edge to develop, design and select the technologies best suited to meet their needs

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Customized Web Apps


Build Smart


In the Cloud

Front End

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Design and support customized web applications to fill a numerous business requirement.
Customized and crafted event driven system through Kafka expertise.
Serverless Architecture for 360 Messaging to greatly reduce costs and dependency of our clients
Build cross compatible JavaScript libraries which integrate with JS framework (Polymer or Angular)
Architect cloud infrastructure with the ability to support, store and query big data.
Intuitive front-end experiences with a focus on detail. UX standards are followed strictly and modern trends considered in our development process.
  • Java | SpringBoot | NodeJs
  • Kafka | Kafka Streams | Kinesis
  • ES6 JavaScript | Angular | React
  • Lit Element | Webpack | Sass
  • ElasticSearch | Grafana | Kibana
  • Docker | Kubernetes | Jenkins | PipeLines
  • Python | Spark | Scala
  • DynamoDb | Oracle | MySql | MangoDb

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