Our Culture

Three words form the foundation of our culture: Powered By People.

People are – and always will be – our most valuable asset. We don’t, as many in our industry would say, “send them out on assignments.” We ground them in our vision and our values, creating an environment and expectations that we believe redefine the staffing industry.

Initech Global’s vision is that every day, we remain true to the needs of our Consultants, our Clients, and our Communities.

Our guiding principles are:


The most important factor in our 90% team retention rate is that we support them in taking ownership of their work, client relationships, and success.

Skill Superiority.

The expertise of the Initech Global team is what allows them to innovate on the job. We ensure they are the most knowledgeable in their fields when we recruit them, and even more importantly, as we retain them. We invest in them.


Feeding America is our official non-profit partner, but we encourage employees to seek and serve organizations whose missions they are passionate about.