Homeowner Association (HOA)

Solution Scope

A Homeowner Association, or HOA, is a private organization that creates and enforces rules on a particular subdivision. The members of this association are its own residents. Other notable duties of a Homeowner Association is to manage finances and maintain the area. Homeowner Associations are established to protect homeowners and their properties. Working together with several Homeowner Associations in Grand Rapids, we were able to create an application used to manage those associations.

Data Capture

offers a variety of solutions for tracking of homeowner data, property data, documents, lost & found, forums and admin data.


provides real-time access to a complete view of the homeowner association and the tracking of data within.

Advanced Scheduler

is a highly flexible solution that allows you to optimize schedules for ARC requests, generating reports, managing payments, and is fully integrated with Quickbooks. 

Front End

is the most essential part of the application for the client. We worked closely together with several clients to ensure the product was of the highest quality. This ensured that the client was up-to-date with all new features, and any and all feedback was implemented swiftly. To achieve this, we utilized Angular to create the UI.

Back End

is the foundation of the Homeowner Association project and is important for how the application runs. Our engineer’s utilized Java and Spring Boot to create the back end of this application. This ensured that the application runs swiftly and without any errors. Having a stable back end is an essential part of any application.


is also referred to as the brain of the application. Having a properly structured database is key to a complete application. With this, we were able to fetch and query copious amounts successfully and efficiently. Our engineers designed this database in MySQL.

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