Solution Scope

MyInitech is a flexible, cloud based workforce management system built to simplify daily HR and project management tasks and responsibilities. Managing your workforce effectively is vital to an organization’s success. But incorporating a system that keeps your business running smoothly doesn’t just impact your bottom line—it impacts your people.

Building a WorkForce Solution

Time & Attendance

Captures detailed labor data and automates even the most complex pay rules for your diverse workforce—hourly, salaried, or contingent.

Advanced Scheduler

is a highly flexible solution that allows you to optimize labor schedules, so you can field the right team at the right time, every time.


provides real-time access to a complete view of your organization’s workforce analytics to improve business analysis and workforce planning.

Fatigue Management

automates key facets of fatigue risk mitigation, enforcing employee work-hour limits and aligning with fitness for duty best practices.

Forecasting & Scheduling

is an intelligent scheduling solution designed specifically for organizations with hourly paid employees across multiple locations.

Absence Compliance Tracker

manages every aspect of employee leaves, including national, state/provincial, union, and corporate policies, in a single tool.

Crew Management

enables organizations to effectivley plan, track, and evaluate the work performed by field crews.

Data Capture

offers a variety of solutions for employee time tracking solutions including time clocks, online timesheets, and mobile.

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