Your Questions Answered

Does Initech offer health benefits?

Yes. We offer the following insurances to our employees:




Short-term disability

Life and AD&D

Are dependents included in the health benefits?

Yes, dependents can be included. Employees pay a portion of their dependents’ costs.

Does Initech offer 401(k)? If I choose to participate, does Initech contribute to it?

Yes. We offer 401(k), AND we match a portion of employee contributions.

Does Initech sponsor H-1B visas?

Yes. We transfer already-existing H-1B visas, AND we sponsor new H-1B visas for qualified candidates.

What types of talent does Initech hire?

Initech hires full-time and part-time employees, independent contractors ("Consultants"), and sub-contractors (Corp-To-Corp).

Does Initech require consultants to submit to drug tests and background checks?

Yes. All Initech consultants must submit to, and clear, drug tests and background checks prior to the start of an assignment. Our consultants also submit to additional security clearance based on our clients’ requirements.

Is security clearance required by Initech?

Initech does not require security clearance. However, some of our clients do. If a client requests security clearance, employees and consultants must clear the security screen to be eligible for the assignment. Please note that most of our assignments do not require security clearance.

Does Initech pay referral fees for referring potential candidates?

Yes. Referrals are a big portion of our new hires, and we happily pay referral fees.

Does Initech pay for client holidays?

Yes, for full-time salaried employees.

Where are Initech’s clients and projects located?

We have clients and projects located nationwide throughout the United States, as well as throughout various locations in Europe, India, and Korea.

What is the typical duration for assignments with Initech?

Our assignments range from six months to several years long.

What is a typical non-compete duration after an assignment is ended?

We require a one-year non-compete agreement with our contractors following their completion of Initech assignments at various clients.

If the client requires travel, how am I reimbursed for expenses?

Travel expenses must be approved by the client, and are paid out after Initech receives payment from the client.

If I want to leave an assignment prior to the end date, how much notice am I required to provide?

Our preference is always that assignments are completed in full, however we understand that sometimes our contractors’ needs change. We require a written two-week notice for assignments that cannot be fulfilled as scheduled, so that we can find a suitable replacement with minimal disruption to the client.